Sponsor a child
A little goes a long way!

Specific Needs

May to June 2013

• Funding for utilities, rent and therapy

• Razor wire for perimeter walls due to crime

• Winter pajamas for 15 children from 18 months to 15 years (specific sizes can be given on request)

• Sponsor for 6 litres milk a day

• Paint for exterior walls of 2 Helderkruin houses

• 2 gate motors

• Big soft lounge carpet

• Gas for gas heaters and stove

• Material to fix patio roof – rafters and pollypropolene sheets

• Services of electrician to fix electrical problems

• Services of educational psychologist for school readiness evaluations

• Garden service at 2 homes

• Doctors services for HIV children

• Breakfast Cereals

• Long Life Milk

• Nido/Nespray/Klim full cream milk powder

• Fruit juice or fruit juice concentrate

• Fuel


Other (A little goes a long way)

Donate any unwanted goods, toys, books, clothing and furniture. If we cannot use it at one of the homes, please give us permission to sell it at a charity shop to generate some much needed finances.


Extravagant Wishes

We would love for the charity to own the property where the traumatised girls and abandoned/abused babies stay. This would secure the children’s permanency and future and bring some relief to a strained budget. Property bonded.

We dream of taking 15 children on a real holiday during one of the school holidays. For that we would need accommodation, transport and spending money for the children.

A multi-seater vehicle for transport. Current vehicles used belongs to staff.

Sponsor to pay for dancing lessons.