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Business Support

We find that businesses are keen to help charities but are wary due to the constant scams, especially relating to welfare organisations. At Baby Moses we try to allay those fears by doing the following;

  1. Allowing representatives of the businesses to visit our premises to see the work we do.
  2. Registered at Department of Social  Welfare and reporting annually to the registrar of Non Profit Organisations on staffing, directorate, organisational strategies and goals, and whether they have been met or not.  Copy of NPO certificate is provided.
  3. Registered with SARS as a Public Benefit Organisation and annual reporting. Copy of PBO approval provided.
  4. BEE certified. Copy of certificate provided.
  5. Auditor’s confirmation of black beneficiaries. Copy provided.
  6. External accounting firm.
  7. External auditing firm.
  8. Allowing the business to dictate to what purpose the usage of the funds.
  9. Tax certificate provided.
  10. Letter of thanks.